Parish Education Board

The role of the Parish Education Board is to support the leadership group of the School in providing the very best educational opportunities and experiences for our students.
Chairperson Angela MacNamara
Secretary Maria Stricki
Ex-Officio Members
Principal Peter Moore
Parish Priest Rev. Tony Feeney
Nominee of the Principal Christine Lo Giusto (Deputy Principal)
Members Angela MacNamara

Andrew McCleave

Gerard Carew

Mark Blackmore

David Garvey

Daryl La Fontaine

Joe Pane

Frank Cerra

Michelle Christian

Paul Sharkey

Joanne Drummond

Alma Kennedy

Jacqueline Le Grand-Condello

Sarah Richards

Building & Maintenance Andrew McCleave, Gerard Carew, Jo Drummond & Paul Sharkey
Promotions & Special Events Angela MacNamara Joe Pane, Michelle Christian
Policy Development Daryl La Fontaine & Frank Cerra
Parish Pastoral Group Liaison
Parents Association Sarah Richards
Out of School Hours Program Mark Blackmore