Our Vision

With Jesus Christ as the centre of our being, St. Monica’s Parish Primary School strives to enhance the unique potential and spirituality of all students.

  • Living out the Catholicfaith through the sacramental, prayer and liturgical life of the parish school community and empowering students to live out the Gospel values.
  • Promoting strong partnerships between all members of the school community in an environment where all feel welcome, safe, respected and valued.
  • Developing inquiring minds and critical thinkers by engaging students in a challenging, fun, supportive and caring learning environment in which the individuality and dignity of all students is recognized and nurtured.
  • Developing lifelong learners through inclusive curriculum programs which focus on achievement and develop the whole child – spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.
  • Providing a staff committed to teach and learn together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Maintaining a supportive learning environment through shared leadership which focuses on the importance of comprehensive school improvement.

The following Core Values give meaning, purpose and direction to all that we do at St. Monica’s:


Being nourished by the Word of God and living it.


Believing that hopes and dreams can be achieved.


Recognising the worth of ourselves and others.


Promoting open, honest, sensitive and caring communication.


Treating others with consideration, acceptance and understanding.


Building strong links and forming positive relationships that enhance teaching
and learning.